What is an Air Handler and What is its Function?

Air Handler FunctionsAt times when you hear the word air handler, you get confused about what exactly is the air handler and where it is located but there is nothing to go doubtful about it as it is there to enhance the comfort of your home and to give you a cool supply of air all around your house in the harsh summer weather.

Now shedding light on its description is that an air handler is nothing but is found as an internal unit in a split AC system. It does the same which it is implied by its name that it handles the air and makes you feel comfortable. One of the main tasks of the air handler is that it circulates cool air all around your house with the help of the ducts and allow the distribution of the air to be done evenly in the torrid summer season.

You must have heard about the evaporator coil that helps in condensation and of blower fan which is situated in the ventilation system. The air handler utilizes these two components in association with other mechanisms in order to flow the cool air through the home when the weather is hot and thus helps in enhancing the comfort levels at home without letting you suffer from any hot weather conditions.

Overall an air handler perfectly lets you feel the blow of cool air and lets your house remain in a cooling comfortable atmosphere without letting you worrying unnecessarily about the humid weather.

This is all in brief about the air handler which has been described by AC repair Miami and what else the air handler does for you is that if you stay careful about its maintenance and servicing then it can help in lowering down the energy bills and really be found as a booster for your split AC machine to function flawlessly for a longer period of time.