New Trick For Miami Dade Residents

Miami Dade Air Conditioning Might Learn A New Trick

Here is a short article that shows Miami-Dade residents have something to learn about air conditioning from people in other states:

Lowndes County will use $77,500 in federal stimulus funds to replace air conditioning units at the county jail. Sheriff Butch Howard tells The Columbus Commercial Dispatch that the Coinstar agent jail has been open for 10 years and some of the units need to be replaced. Howard says eight units will be replaced. He says new fluorescent lighting will be installed to make the facility more energy efficient. The money comes from a program to help local county facilities become more energy efficient. An energy audit was conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority at the jail and the new county administration building. – AP

The good people of Mississippi are getting there pubic building more energy efficient. By doing this they hope to lower their energy bills and reduce operating costs. This thrift, while uncharacteristic of government, should be an example to Miami-Dade county residents. In these troubled times updating your air conditioning unit, especially in the Miami, FL area can be a huge help. So get ready for summer and start saving some cash each month. Give us a call to find out more.