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miami heat pump repair

Miami Heat Pump Repair

Our contractors are specialists in heat pump installation and maintenance. We have found that heat pumps are the most efficient forms of heating and air systems under mild temperatures. So if you are looking for a step up from your usual Miami Dade air conditioning system, look no further.
A heat pump is used to transfer heat from the earth or air into your residence or business. St Petersburg Heat Pump will adequately warm your space is mild climates or remove heat from your dwelling to lower the temperature inside. Heat pumps perform ideally in environments that do not experience below freezing temperatures on a regular basis. It may be a good idea to consult with our contractors to find out if a heat pump alone will accommodate your home.

Save Money With A Miami Heat Pump Repair

Our energy efficient heat pumps could save you 30% in electric costs and they have superior dehumidifying capabilities compared to the standard air condition unit. Heat pumps are versatile and can be installed in homes with or without ducting. They will replace your AC and your Miami Dade furnace with a Miami Heat Pump Repair.
The ductless units are known as mini-split pumps and operate as a single unit to cool smaller spaces. You can choose from various modes of heat pump units such as: geothermal and absorption. These methods utilized constant temperatures from near by water or air sources to regulate temperature within your home. A heat pump used in tandem with a furnace will supply high quality warm air and efficiently regulate the temperature in your household, even under extreme conditions. We are ready to consult you on a variety of options. We also have the largest selection of Miami Dade air conditioner brands available.

Heat Pump Tax Credits In Florida

We are pleased to be your source for information as you research heating and cooling systems and we invite you to take part in the American Recovery Act tax credit. We will assist as you qualify for a $1,500 tax credit by purchasing an energy efficient heat pump system. Good luck on your project and call our Miami Dade office today to receive an estimate on any of our products and services. So for a Miami Dade HVAC contractor that cares about saving you money, give us a call.