Miami Air Conditioning Repair

miami air conditioning repair

Miami Air Conditioning Repair

We have been in the Miami air conditioning repair business for many years. Our tried and true method of treating the customer like we would want to be treated has led us to be one of the most trusted companies in the state. Our commitment to quality is second to none, and that is why we always give you our best service, every time. What kind of service you may ask? Only the finest work in heating and cooling service and repair! We handle new installs, retrofits, upgrades, and repairs. We can clean your ducts as well as other elements of your Miami Dade air conditioning system to save you big on your energy costs.

Miami Dade Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

So We have established that we are a great company that specializes in great service and AC repair in the Miami Dade County area. What about emergency air conditioning repair Miami service? We do that too! Short of your house being on fire we can get it back to cool in record time. Climate control is what we do, and if your Miami Dade air conditioning is acting up or just cant cut it anymore we have what it takes to get you back to being too cool for school. The same goes for heaters. If your furnace goes out on a bitterly cold winter night, call us and we will make it hot for you ASAP!

Furnace Repair and Servicing Miami Dade Florida

Is your Miami Dade furnace on the fritz? Get ready for this winter season now by having it inspected and repaired. In some cases it may only need a new air filter and a good cleaning. Worst case scenarios are kept to a minimum here, using our considerable knowledge of the inner workings of a furnace, or any Miami air conditioning repair for that matter. We can increase the efficiency of your current Miami Dade air conditioning unit by keeping it at peak performance, through scheduled maintenance, as well as cleaning ducts and other surfaces that impede heat transfer. When you really want to lower your energy bills one of the biggest things we can offer is the Heat pump. These replace air conditioners and furnaces and do both jobs better than the two units.

Heat Pumps In The Miami Dade Area

Miami Dade Heat Pumps are the future of heating and cooling your home. In the more tropical climates these ultra efficient units can save you tons on energy costs. They work like a regular air conditioner on steroids. They are typically more efficient than a Miami Dade air conditioning unit, but it also has the ability to reverse the flow of air to heat your home. It uses what is called a scroll compressor to achieve these two key factors, and it uses it well. They are more efficient at heating your home as a furnace would be, until the temperature outside starts dipping below freezing. As it hits that break even point it has to work so hard it turns into an electric heater that gobbles up kilowatt-hours. This is why they are so great for the Miami Dade area. Our mild winters mean big savings on heating and cooling bills.

HVAC Contractor

We are one of the best Miami Dade HVAC contractors in the area, so we are great at fixing your current Miami air conditioning repair nightmares, but you haven’t seen anything until you see the quality and workmanship we put into new installs and retrofits. If you are building a new home or office call us today and we will hook you up with the best duct work and HVAC units available at any price. We can undercut and out preform out competition by leaps and bounds. That is why you and your neighbors choose us more than anyone else for your heating and cooling needs. So if you need a new unit or duct work call us today. If you need help in the Daytona area, why not check out Air Conditioning Repair Daytona. You wont be disappointed!

Miami Air Conditioning Repair Brands

We have the biggest selection of all the major manufacturers in the state. We have Carrier and Trane, as well as countless others Miami Air Conditioner brands and we have the knowledge and expertise to service and install them. For those less well known brands we also carry universal parts and can fabricate, or special order pieces if necessary for any Miami air conditioning repair. We have such a huge selection so that you can get the very best fit, be it Miami Dade air conditioning, Furnace, or heat pump.