Is Your AC Frozen? Know it Why

Drain Lines IssuesThe frozen air conditioner is obviously an issue and rectifying it is something you should do at the earliest once you notice it. Though there are many reasons behind an AC gets frozen up but addressing what exactly causing an issue in your air conditioner is something you should be aware about. The AC repair Miami has listed out a few reasons below for your reference that may be the cause of your air conditioner getting freezing up in the summers.

Fan Speed

The blower fan motor should work as such that it could send air over the evaporator coil and and if the fan speed is not adequate and blowing at a low speed then it could lead to insufficient airflow and then result into a frozen air conditioner which is something you wouldn’t want.

Drain Lines Issues

The excess moisture of the air gets removed by the evaporator coil and the moisture collected on the evaporator coil gets dripped down to the condensate pan and then drains outside. So if the drain lines are clogged or dirty then moisture could back up rather than flowing out. And thus could freeze the air conditioner.

Thermostat Issue

If your thermostat is a bit problematic then it may cause your air conditioner to remain ON all through the night and wastes energy unnecessarily. Since the inside air isn’t that hot as it remains in day time, then constant running of the AC system could cause the AC unit to get freeze up.