Furnace Repair Miami

furnace repair miami

Furnace Repair Miami

When night falls and the sun sets on Miami Dade it is essential that you have the right furnace to keep your loved ones warm. Employing a furnace to heat your home or office will prove to be useful and efficient method of Miami Dade air conditioning when the cold spell hits. If you have a residential or commercial interest in a furnace, we can help. We are happy to convert your existing oil burning furnace to a more efficient LP gas system and we install first time systems based on your needs. Once we have delivered and installed the right unit for you we are at your service to maintain the furnace during the year to ensure that ducting is tight and operating properly. Faulty ducting in a system easily occurs if intake vents are obstructed by furniture or flooring.If you need furnace repair Miami, look no further!

Furnace Manufacturers in Miami Dade County

We offer a variety of furnaces that consume natural Liquid Petroleum gas, diesel, kerosene, wood or electricity. Some of the manufacturers that we deal with are: Air Flo, Trane, Crown, Kenmore, Clare Brothers, Armstrong and more. It is important to contact a specialist who is educated in duct-work because exhaust ducts need to be installed with care as they transfer harmful gases away from your home. There are specifications and local codes that must be followed. In fact, many states require a license to install furnaces and we have that covered. This not only ensures a nice uniform heating, but also makes it far more safe. This will also make installing a Miami Dade Heat Pump much easier.

Furnace Repair Miami And Services

It is our pleasure to provide top to bottom installation and post installation services to our Miami Dade area clients. We will obtain all permits for your project and ensure a high quality furnace heating system to your home or business. We encourage our interested customers to consider purchasing a system to take advantage of a $1,500 tax credit that applies to certain energy efficient heating systems. Call our Miami Dade office today to receive estimates and information about your future home or commercial furnace based heating system. We are the Preeminent Miami AC contractor in the area, so you know you will be getting the best service and the largest selection of air conditioning and furnace repair Miami brands